Experience of Planning and Implementing of a MicroPET Scanning Facility

D.J. Sherman (SUNY Buffalo, Environment Health and Safety)

MicroPET scanning facilities use specially designed PET scanners to image small animals to show dynamic biological changes or localization of labeled chemicals/drugs in research animals. At the University at Buffalo the microPET facility is located in the Laboratory Animal Facility (LAF) which allows researchers to conform to regulatory guidelines for long-term housing of research animals. LAF technicians perform routine care of the radioactive animals and may inject PET isotopes. The design of the microPET facility was accomplished using existing building construction, readily available nuclear medicine equipment and limited lead brick shielding because less than 37 MBq of any positron emitting isotope is used per animal study. A planning group compromising personnel from Health Physics, Laboratory Animal Facility, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and Nuclear Medicine Department personnel who were responsible for operating the MicroPET facility expedited the set up of the facility.

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