Preserving Our Atomic Past: The Cold War as History

V. Scott (Atomic Testing Museum)

The Atomic Testing Museum is the new kid on the block in the Las Vegas cultural community. Located just a mile east of the Strip on Flamingo Road, the Atomic Testing Museum is a program of the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation, which was founded to preserve the legacy of nuclear weapons development at the Nevada Test Site. Over the years, vision for the Museum has expanded to include both on- and off-continent testing, as well as exploring ways in which nuclear-related testing has entered public discourse and culture. Featured exhibits include the Ground Zero Theater, which replicates a concrete bunker and includes a large screen show about the history of test effects from a variety of viewpoints; the Stewards of the Land Gallery showcasing radiological safety equipment from 1950s on; and the Today and Tomorrow Gallery featuring a powerful display of the Berlin Wall and the World Trade Center which invites viewers to contemplate the role of nuclear testing in today's post 9-11 world. This presentation introduces the Society to the Museum and discuss the value and uniqueness of an opportunity for today's adults to contribute to the creation of an important historical resource for tomorrow's citizens. Exhibits and collections pertaining to health physics and safety of weapons testing operations are highlighted.

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