How to Hold a Science Teachers Workshop

STC HPS (South Texas Chapter)

Has your chapter wanted to hold a Science Teachers Workshop, but didn't know how to put one together. · Have you wondered if there was some ready-made presentations that can be used and modified by your chapter so you didn't have to reinvent the wheel? · Ever wondered what could be given out to the teachers as incentive to come to your Science Teachers Workshop? · Where can you get some of the stuff to give the teachers, like Radiation Detectors Well there is an answer to your questions. The South Texas Chapter will present a "How to Hold a Science Teachers Workshop" during the HPS Annual Meeting. The presentation will be held on Monday afternoon, from 3-5 pm, in the Conference Theater. The presentation will cover the topics of · when to hold the workshop, · what materials can be given away to teachers (teachers love free stuff), · where you can get free stuff to give to teachers, · where it should be held, · how you can evaluate the success and quality of your workshop, and · much more Science teacher workshop presentation material will be available on CD for those who come first, due to a limited supply. One of the main goals of the HPS is to educate the public about radiation, so if you train a teacher they will be able to go out and spread this information to many children. So come and learn how to hold great Science Teachers Workshop.

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