The Regulatory Control System of Sealed Sources in Taiwan

H.-L. Yin; J.-Y. Huang; and J. Lee (Atomic Energy Council, Taiwan)

In order to comply with the current socio-economic environment, technology advancing trends, and ruled-by-law spirit and concept, Taiwan in January 2002 established and promulgated "Ionizing Radiation Protection Act," and subsequently established its 18 daughter regulations. In February 2003 these regulations were formally put into effect, making Taiwan's ionizing radiation protection system stride into a new epoch. In addition, in order to strengthen sealed radioactive material's safety, Atomic Energy Council (AEC) of Taiwan has designed Internet web-page declaration, asking operators to periodically file the status of holding and usage of radioactive material through Internet web-pages. With the help of real time Internet submitted information, AEC can fully manage and control the whereabouts and alternations of these radioactive sources within the least amount of operational time. Now, as a member of this world, Taiwan is planning to work towards implementing the requirements of IAEA's Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources into our regulations. Some current activities are included in this report.

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