The Value of NACLA Recognition to HPS and Other Accrediting Bodies

J.O. O'Neil [National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation (NACLA)]

The National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation was established and is operated by representatives of four groups with a stake in improving the U.S. laboratory accreditation system: Government, industry, laboratories and accreditation bodies (ABs). All four stakeholder groups are ill served by the lack of coodination, consistency and efficiency among the scores of U.S. ABs. NACLA's mission is to meet that need by providing consistent, objective evaluations of applicant ABs and granting official recognition to those found to be in compliance with NACLA procedures and the relevant international standards for a competent AB. NACLA benefits ABs in a number of ways: an objective, rigorous review of their operation; improved procedures and performance; a credential that is a source of confidence for both the AB and its clients; a means for aligning with best international accreditation practices.

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