Locating Radiation Survey Locations with RF and Ultrasound

C.M. Wiblin and B.D. Wiblin (RadSurvey Systems LLC)

A new system has been created to supplement GPS surveys near buildings and also to provide complete radiation mapping indoor for floors, walls and ceilings. The system is based upon a time-of-flight difference between an RF and ultrasound transmission. This system provides accurate locations of radiation survey measurements; accuracies of 2 inches are maintained in three dimensions. Survey measurement locations are used to create visual radiation maps and to calculate the real-time scan speed. Another benefit is that the need for field grids is eliminated. Easy to deploy and light-weight, the operator simply places between two and four transmitters in the area being scanned, attaches a receiver to the probe, and connects a PDA to the receiver and the survey meter. Running the proprietary software, the PDA simultaneously records the output from the survey meter and its location. All data is saved to a file that is easily transferred to a PC for further analysis. The system also provides features that other location systems such as GPS do not such as the ability to work indoors, near (north side) buildings, and increased accuracy. Results of actual field trials for indoor and outdoor applications are presented.

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