EPRI ALARA Assessments at Nuclear Power Plants: Results Update

S. Bushart1; P. Saunders2; and D. Quinn3 (1Electric Power Research Institute; 2Suncoast Solutions, Inc.; 3DAQ, Inc.)

EPRI has conducted 12 ALARA assessments encompassing 19 nuclear power plants in the United States over the last 6 years. EPRI uses experienced industry professionals in a one-week onsite assessment to review over 500 criteria. The assessment not only evaluates the Radiation Protection Department portion of the ALARA Program, but also emphasizes the integration of the ALARA Program into the plant, including management support, maintenance, operations, work control, engineering, radwaste, chemistry, training, and advanced technologies. The results of these assessments have identified a number of strengths and good practices that utilities have used to help substantially reduce the overall collective dose over the last decade. The assessments have also identified common issues that are opportunities for industry-wide improvements.

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