Radiation & Regulations in 2055

E.W. Fordham (CRCPD)

The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. (CRCPD) is a nonprofit non-governmental professional organization dedicated to radiation protection. Among the CRCPD activities are: • Promoting radiological health in all aspects and phases; • Promoting and fostering uniformity of radiation control laws and regulations; • Encouraging and supporting programs that will contribute to radiation control for all; • Exercising leadership with radiation control professionals and consumers in radiation control development and action. The need for protection of individuals from radiation exposure can be traced back to the turn of the century, soon after the discovery of the x-ray and radioactivity. Prior to World War II, radiation protection guidance was provided through communications among the radiation users and their professional organizations. In the late 1940s a few state and local governments established limited radiation protection programs. In 1959, Congress amended the Atomic Energy Act, authorizing states to assume regulatory control for certain types of man-made radioactive materials, provided the state had an adequate program to protect the public health and safety. Currently there are 33 states that have assumed this authority. The future is full of uncertainty, but one item is assured, the use of radiation will continue to increase as new methods are developed. As each new use transitions from research & development into industry use, more radiation professional will be needed. Thus the existing ties between RSO's, their staffs and regulators will also become closer and hopefully, more collaborative, as the uses of radiation become ever-increasing complex.

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