The History of State and Federal Nonionizing Radiation Control Programs

S.L.B. Kent1 and P. O'Kelley2 (1Food and Drug Adminstration; 2South Carolina Bureau of Radiological Health Dept. of Health & Env. Control)

The twentieth century saw the emergence of many new sources of nonionizing radiation employing innovative and varied technologies that were designed for a variety of applications. Concurrent with these new products were safety concerns that had not been seen from other conveniences and products. Many products were widely available and users often had little knowledge or understanding of how to use them safely. This paper discusses the types of electronic products, and traces the public health concerns that led to state and federal regulatory programs. Sources included are televisions, microwave technologies including home microwave ovens, ultraviolet tanning beds, mercury vapor lamps and other sources. The paper traces the evolution of those regulatory programs and interactions with the federal and state agencies.

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