Radiation Measurement Standards Needs

A.J. Berejka1; K.L. Swinth2; C.V. Gogolak3; K.G.W. Inn4; and R.C. Yoder5 (1Ionicorp; 2Swinth Associates; 3Environmental Measurements Laboratory; 4National Institute of Standards and Technology; 5Landauer, Inc.)

The Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurement Standards (CIRMS) recently released its fourth, triennial report on needs for radiation measurement standards. Presented as Measurement Program Descriptions (MPD's), the needs for new standards have been grouped into four topical areas: radiation protection, homeland security, medicine and industrial applications. The poster presents a summary of the MPD's in each area. CIRMS is an independent, non-profit organization that draws together experts involved in all aspects of ionizing radiation to discuss, review and assess developments and needs in this field. Needs in radiobiological dosimetry is one of several new MPD's arising from recent research programs. Drawing expertise from government and national laboratories, agencies and departments, from the academic community and from industry, the organization publishes a needs report that provides guidance to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the development of its priorities in the radiation measurement field.

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