A Radiation Safety Computer System

C.B. Smith and R.H. Johnson (Radiation Safety Academy)

A state of the art computer system has been developed to track and report all aspects of radiation safety at a large biomedical research institution. The application includes screens for entering and viewing data, generation of a variety of reports and an extensive database. The application has an Oracle backend database and uses Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports to display and print data. These forms and reports can be accessed via an internal intranet and the internet using a virtual private network. The database includes information about a wide variety of radiation safety aspects such as: • Personnel information for radioactive material users, authorized users, nurses, animal handlers, x-ray technicians, etc., • Training of personnel, • Laboratory status, assignments and survey schedule, • Survey results for laboratories, • Radioactive material inventory and disposition, • Sealed source status and surveys, • Radiation meter location, status and calibration, • Air sample collections, • Bioassays requests and results, • Hot laboratory usage, • Protocol applications, • Radioactive waste processing, • X-ray unit calibrations, • Enforcement tracking, • Laboratory security checks. This application is capable of monitoring and tracking all aspects of radiation safety procedures at a any large or small facility. The application can also be modified when needed to include any new radiation safety requirements or changes to current requirements.

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