Integrated Radiological Laboratory Inspection Process

C.W. Smock; T.W. LaVake; and J.T. Kwiatkowski (Johnson & Johnson)

A web-based radiological hazards inspection process is integrated into a comprehensive Environmental, Health & Safety laboratory inspection program. This process enables radiation safety programs to utilize innovative technology to implement a best practice that evaluates and re-enforces safe work conditions within a laboratory that utilizes radioactive materials. The process incorporates an inspection of radioactive materials use areas that reviews key radiation safety program elements during a walk-through inspection with a portable tablet computer utilizing wireless reporting technology that is integrated to communicate with a web-based data management system. Identification of any deficiencies during the inspection process generates an electronic non-conformance report immediately after the inspection has been completed. The automated system sends the non-conformance report to the laboratory Manger. A mandatory and documented corrective action plan is required to be implemented to address the deficiencies identified in the inspection within thirty days. Automatic electronic notification to Senior Management is generated if deficiencies are not resolved in thirty days by the Laboratory Manager. The process limits the need for paper files and has the availability to organize, compare and report comprehensive statistical data for multiple laboratories, departments and/or facilities. As a result, the web-based system sustains and has enhanced a robust radiological lab assessment process.

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