CAP88-PC Version 3 Update

B. Shroff1; R. Wood2; and D. Williams2 (1US Environmental Protection Agency, HQ; 2Trinity Engineering Associates)

Version 2 of the CAP88-PC code has been an accepted tool for determining compliance with the radiological NESHAPS requirements for a number of years. EPA has commissioned an update of the CAP88-PC code in order to incorporate the dose and risk conversion factors contained in Federal Guidance Report 13. As part of this work the CAP88-PC code also has been modified to incorporate new transfer factors from NCRP Report 123, to perform full decay chain calculations using an implementation of the Bateman equations, and to generate doses to the organ list in Federal Guidance Report 13. Additional changes to the code include new database file structures that incorporate 825 nuclides, the addition of chemical form as a selection function for the dose and risk factors, and new nomenclature for isotope class. These modifications have produced Version 3 of CAP88-PC, which is now in beta testing. The CAP88-PC user interface for Version 3 is similar to that in Version 2 but the extensive changes in the dose factor library functionality preclude the use of input case files from Version 2 in Version 3. This paper describes the changes in CAP88-PC from Version 2 to Version 3, and the subsequent changes in user input requirements.

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