N43 has several working groups producing, revising, or reaffirming standards as listed in the following table.

Standard Title WG Chairs
N43.1 Radiation Safety for the Design and Operation of Particle Accelerators
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.1-2011)
Scott Walker, James Liu
N43.2 Radiation Safety for X-Ray Diffraction and Fluorescence Analysis Equipment
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.2-2001. Reaffirmed 2010)
Jeffery Leavey
N43.3 General Radiation Safety Standard for Installations Using Non-Medical X-Ray and Sealed Gamma-Ray Sources, Energies up to 10 MeV
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.3-2008)
N43.4 Classification of Radioactive Self-Luminous Light Sources
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.4-2005 [R2013])
N43.5 Radiological Safety Standard for the Design of Radiographic and Radioscopic Non-Medical X-Ray Equipment Below 1 MeV
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.5-2005 [R2013])
Doug Ashby, Tom Obrien
N43.6 Sealed Radioactive Sources Classification
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.6-2007 [R2013])
Jack Dukes
N43.7 Safe Design and Use of Self-Contained, Dry Storage Gamma Irradiators (Category I)
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.7-2007)
N43.8 Classification of Industrial Ionizing Radiation Gauging Devices
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.8-2008 [R2013])
Jack Dukes
N43.9 Radiological Safety for the Design & Construction of Apparatus for Gamma Radiography
(Standard under development)
R.D. (Donny) Dicharry
N43.10 Safe Design and Use of Panoramic, Wet Source Storage Gamma Irradiators (Category IV) and Dry Source Storage Gamma Irradiators (Category II)
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.10-2001 [R2010])
Eric Beers
N43.11 Safe Operating Practice for Users of Non-Medical X-Ray Radiographic and Radioscopic Equipment
(Standard under development)
William Morris, William Hoak
N43.14 Radiation Safety for Active Interrogation Systems for Security Screening of Cargo, Energies up to 100 MeV
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.14-2011)
Siraj Khan
N43.15 Safe Design and Use of Self-Contained, Wet Source Storage Gamma Irradiators (Category III)
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.15-2001 [R2010])
N43.16 Radiation Safety for X-Gamma Cargo Security Screening Systems
(Standard under development)
Richard Whitman, Craig Jones
N43.17 Radiation Safety for Personnel Security Screening Systems Using X-Ray or Gamma Radiation
(HPS website as ANSI/HPS N43.17-2009)
Frank Cerra, Dan Kassiday

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