Changes to the occupational doses received by members of an interventional radiology department were retrospectively analyzed before and after implementation of an active dosimetry system. Please see the article by Sashi Poudel, David C. Medich, and colleagues on page S166.

Operational Radiation Safety

CONTENTS - Vol. 111, No. 2, August 2016


ORS: Call for Submissions
Craig A. Little


ORS Interview With Eric Soltycki
René Michel

Operational Topics

Scan MDCs for GPS-Based Gamma Radiation Surveys
Tyler Alecksen and Randy Whicker

Comparison of Various Spectra Methods Used in Vehicle-Based Nai(Tl) Spectrometry Survey
Huibin Li and Jun Liu

Programmatic Assessment of Potential Induced Radioactivity in Electron Beam Sterilization of Healthcare Products
Mark Smith, John Logar, Alan Montgomery, and Olivier Vrain

Key Performance Indicators in the Evaluation of the Quality of Radiation Safety Programs
Cheryl Culver Schultz, Sheila Shaffer, Darlene Fink-Bennett, and Kay Winokur

Changes in Occupational Radiation Exposures After Incorporation of a Real-Time Dosimetry System in the Interventional Radiology Suite
Sashi Poudel, Lori Weir, Dawn Dowling, and David C. Medich