A spring view of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant taken from the northwest by Dirk Roberson. See article by Robert B. Hayes on page S156 for more information.

Operational Radiation Safety

CONTENTS - Vol. 109, No. 2, August 2015


ORS Interview With Otu Inyang
René Michel

Operational Topics

Excreta Sampling as an Alternative to In Vivo Measurements at the Hanford Site
Eugene H. Carbaugh, Cheryl L. Antonio, and Timothy P. Lynch

A New Storage Facility for Institutional Radioactive Wastes at IPEN
Roberto Vicente, José Claudio Dellamano, and Ademar José Potiens, Jr.

Operational Check Source Recalibration
Robert B. Hayes

Web Implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) for X-Ray Units in Balkanic Medical Institutions
Vlade Uroševi, Olga Risti, Danijela Miloševi, and Duško Košuti

Comparison of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's CAP88 PC Versions 3.0 and 4.0
Tim Jannik, Eduardo B. Farfan, Ken Dixon, Joseph Newton, Christopher Sailors, Levi Johnson, Kelsey Moore, and Richard Stahman

Operational Testing of a Combined Hardware-Software Strategy for Triage of Radiologically Contaminated Persons
Edward J. Waller