Portal Monitor with Anthropomorphic Phantom. See article by Matthew Carey and colleagues on page S188 for more information.

Operational Radiation Safety

CONTENTS - Vol. 107, No. 3, November 2014


ORS Interview With Will Pate
René Michel

Operational Topics

90Sr Content in 90Y-Labeled SIR-Spheres and Zevalin
John Metyko, William Erwin, John Poston, Jr., and Sandra Jimenez

Managing Uncertainty in Complex Interventional Fluoroscopic Procedures
Ronald Leuenberger and Jason A. Meade

Portal Monitor Characterization for Internally and Externally Deposited Radionuclides
Matthew Carey, Adam Kryskow, Fred Straccia, and Mark Tries

Optimization of Radiation Doses Received by Personnel in PET Uptake Rooms
Maria E. Perez, José M. Verde, Carlos Montes, Julio A. Ramose, Sofía García, and Jorge Hernandez

Investigation of Qualitative and Quantitative Factors Related to Radiological Exposure to Nursing Staff During Computed Tomography Examinations
Hiroshige Mori, Kichiro Koshida, Osamu Ishigamori, and Kosuke Matsubara