Operational Radiation Safety

Shielding parts surrounding the target. Please see article by Toshioh Fujibuchi and colleagues on page S158 for more information.


RSO Interview With Jennifer Cerecero
René Michel

Operational Topics

Measurement of Radionuclide Activities Induced in Target Components of an IBA CYCLONE 18/9 by Gamma-Ray Spectrometry With HPGe and LaBr3:Ce Detectors
Elio Tomarchio

An Updated Radiation Protection Program Prospectus Based on 20 Years of Data Describing Program Drivers and Activities
Robert J. Emery and Janet M. Gutierrez

Measurement of Activity Distribution Using Photostimulable Phosphor Imaging Plates in Decommissioned 10 MV Medical Linear Accelerator
Toshioh Fujibuchi, Shunsuke Yonai, Masahiro Yoshida, Takeji Sakae, Hiroshi Watanabe, Yoshihisa Abe, and Jun Itami

Internal Contamination of an Irradiator Discovered During Security Enhancement
R.P. Harvey

Exposure Levels Associated With Na131I Thyroid Cancer Patients: Correlation With Initial Activity and Clinical Physical Parameters
Charles A. Pickering, Juan Mas, James N. Dykes, Michelle T. Domingo, Dave M. Yamauchi, George Lopatin, and Lawrence E. Williams