Operational Radiation Safety

Example air sampler/continuous air monitor shown with door open. Please see article by Mark Hogue et al. on page S78 for more information.

CONTENTS - Vol. 106, No. 5, May 2014


RSO Interview with Stan Bravenec
René Michel


Monitoring Performance of the Cameras under the High Dose-Rate Gamma Ray Environments
Jai Wan Cho, Young Soo Choi, and Kyung Min Jeong

Site-Specific Reference Person Parameters and Derived Concentration Standards for the Savannah River Site
Daniel K. Stone, Kathryn A. Higley, and G. Timothy Jannik

The Internet’s Role in a Biodosimetric Response to a Radiation Mass Casualty Event
S.L. Sugarman, G.K. Livingston, D.L. Stricklin, M.G. Abbott, R.C. Wilkins, H. Romm, U. Oestreicher, M.A. Yoshida, T. Miura, J.E. Moquet, M. Di Giorgio, C. Ferrarotto, G.A. Gross, M.E. Christiansen, C.L. Hart, and D.M. Christensen

An Analysis of Radiation Therapy Medical Events in New York State: The Role of the State Radiation Programs in Patient Safety
Janaki Krishnamoorthy, Adela Salame-Alfie, and John O'Connell

Hand Calculations for Transport of Radioactive Aerosols through Sampling Systems
Mark Hogue, Martha Thompson, Eduardo Farfan, and Dennis Hadlock

Modeling Population Screening Process for Maximizing Throughputs
Chunsheng Li, Kevin Capello, Huai-An Jeng, Barry Hauck and Gary H. Kramer