Operational Radiation Safety

Screening foods for radioactive contamination. Please see the article by William Cunningham on page S16 for more information.

CONTENTS - Vol. 106, No. 2, February 2014

Operational Topic

RSO Interview with Tammy Stemen
René Michel

Detection Threshold of Large Area Wipes
Leldon A. Blue

List Mode with the ORTEC digiBASE-E
Gentry Hearn, Craig Marianno, Sunil Khatri, and Matt Grypp

Screening Foods for Radionuclide Contamination Via Analysis of Composited Analytical Portions
William C. Cunningham

Aerosol Size Distribution in the Schwartzwalder Uranium Mine
Xianan Liu, John E. Doerges, John Volckens, and Thomas E. Johnson

Comparison of Photon Interaction Parameters of Some Tissues and Their Substitutes
H. C. Manjunatha

Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Concrete Porous Media
Ilija Plecas

Establishing a Mobile Environmental Survey System for Real-Time Emergency Response
Hsin-FaFang, Ing-Jane Chen, and Chu-Fang Wang