Operational Radiation Safety

Nine models of radioactive lightning rods. Please see the article by Vicente et al. on page S223 for more information.


Letter to the Editor

Question on Long-lived Impurities of Yttrium-90 Labeled Microspheres
Richard DeCaire

Response to DeCaire
John Metyko


RSO Interview with Les Morrison
René Michel

Operational Topic

An Improved Method for Calibrating the Gantry Angles of Linear Accelerators
Kyle Higgins, Jared Treas, Andrew Jones, Naz Afarin Fallahian, and David Simpson

Interceptor and Phantom Trials of EDNS at UPMC
Ryan Dickson, Jong Oh Kim, M. Saiful Huq, Greg Bednarz, Joe Suyama, Donald Yealy, Mark Izadbakhsh, and Joel Greenberger

Analysis of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in a Healthcare Environment: Simulation and Experimental Study
Silvia de Miguel-Bilbao, Miguel Angel Martín, Alejandro Del Pozo, Victor Febles, Jose´ A. Hernández, José C. Fernández de Aldecoa, and Victoria Ramos

Experience in the Management of Disused Lightning Rods Containing 241Am in a Research Institute in Brazil
Roberto Vicente, Ademar Potiens Jr., Solange Sakata, and José Dellamano

Management of Leaded PPE in the Healthcare Environment
Travis White

Using Tablet Technology in Operational Radiation Safety Applications
Mike Houser, Mark Linsley, and Andrew Phillips

Andrew Green, and Jeffrey Whicker