Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 102, No. 2, February 2012
Soil and sediment sample locations at LANL colored-coded according to the ratio of the 137Cs concentration measured compared to an upper limit background value. See article by Justin Mohler colleagues on page S13 for more information.

Contents of Vol. 102, No. 2, February 2012

RSO Interview with Alan Fellman

René Michel

Benefits of Automated Surface Decontamination of a Radioiodine Ward

Eliza Westcott, Alicia Broadhurst, Steven Crossley, Lloyd Lee, Xuyen Phan, Rainer Scharli, and Yan Xu

Isodose Curve Mappings Measured While Undergoing Rotation for Quality Assurance Testing of a 137Cs Irradiator
Samuel L. Brady, Terry T. Yoshizumi, Colin Anderson-Evans, and Giao Nguyen

RACER: Dynamic Use of Environmental Measurement Data for Decision Making and Communication
H. Justin Mohler, Helen A. Grogan, James R. Rocco, Ryan Kiefer and John E. Till

Minimum Detectable Concentration as a Function of Gamma Walkover Survey Technique
David A. King, Nickolas Altic, and Colt Greer

An Unrecognized Occupancy Change in the Vicinity of a Medical Linear Accelerator
Robert J. Barish