Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 95, No. 5, November 2008
Comprehensive baseline gamma radiation surveys at uranium recovery sites require site-specific cross calibrations between the detectors used for gamma scanning (typically NaI-based scintillation detectors) and a high-pressure ionization chamber. The photo shows related measurements being conducted at an in-situ recovery site in Wyoming. See article by Randy Whicker et al. on page SXXX for more information.

Contents of Vol. 95, No. 5, November 2008

RSO Interview with Betty Goetz

René Michel

Situational Photographic Postings for Enhancing the Proper Operation of Infrequently Utilized X-Ray Devices

Robert J. Emery and Elizabeth Sladecek

Post-Mortem Considerations of Yttrium-90 (90Y) Microsphere Therapy Procedures
Kevin Nelson, Paul E. Vause, Jr., and Polina Koropova

Empirical Compensation for the Precipitation Effect in the Measurement of Gross Alpha Content in Drinking Water
Phineas Dickstein, Lea Broshi, and Gustavo Haquin

Risk Communication Considerations to Facilitate the Screening of Mass Populations for Potential Contamination with Radioactive Material
R.J. Emery, D.D. Sprau, and R.C. Morecook

Establishing a Threshold for 131I Bioassay in Nuclear Medicine Personnel
Yongguang Liang, Robert Y. Chu, Wendy K. Galbraith, George W. MacDurmon, and Jagadeesh R. Sonnad

Radiological Site Characterizations: Gamma Surveys, Gamma/226Ra Correlations, and Related Spatial Analysis Techniques
Randy Whicker, Paul Cartier, Jim Cain, Ken Milmine, and Michael Griffin

A Robotic Manipulator for Handling TLD Badges
S. Levinson, M. Weinstein, A. Abraham, U. German, V. Gorelik, R. Rozenfeld, S. Hillel, and G. Rodnay

The Potential Hidden Hazards of a Laser Pumped Tunable OPO System
Nicole A. McPherson, Thomas A. Neal, and Thomas E. Johnson