Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 92, No. 5, May 2007
The Automatic Compressing System at the Ospedale San Raffaele in Milano, Italy. This equipment is central to the facility's control over environmental releases of radioactive aerosols. See article by R. Calandrino et al. on page S70 for more information.

Contents of Vol. 92, No. 5, May 2007

RSO Interview with Bill Tuttle

René Michel

Measurement and Control of the Air Contamination Generated in a Medical Cyclotron Facility for PET Radiopharmaceuticals

R. Calandrino, A. del Vecchio, S. Todde, and F. Fazio

Simulation, Design, and Construction of a 137Cs Irradiation Facility
Matthew T. Studenski, Nathan P. Haverland, and Kimberlee J. Kearfott

Risk Ranking of LANL Nuclear Material Storage Containers for Repackaging Prioritization
Paul H. Smith, Hans Jordan, Jenifer A. Hoffman, P. Gary Eller, and Simon Balkey

Hair Dosimetry Following Neutron Irradiation
L. Lebaron-Jacobs, E. Gaillard-Lecanu, F. Briot, S. Distinguin, P. Boisson, L. Exmelin, Y. Racine, P. Berard, A. Flury-Herand, A. Miele, and R. Fottorino

Effect of Quench on Alpha/Beta Pulse Shape Discrimination of Liquid Scintillation Cocktails
Timothy A. DeVol, Christopher D. Theisen, and David P. DilPrete

Exercise Maritime Response (EXMR): Lessons Learned for Population Monitoring and Communication
Gary H. Kramer, Sonia Johnson, Barry Hauck, Kevin Capello, and Debora Quayle

Field and Bioassay Indicators for Internal Dose Intervention Therapy
Eugene H. Carbaugh

Decontamination and Deactivation of the Power Burst Facility at the Idaho National Laboratory
Christy Jo Grteene

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