Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 92, No. 2, February 2007
The Z-Machine accelerator at Sandia National Laboratories. See article by Todd Culp on page S57 for more information.

Contents of Vol. 92, No. 2, February 2007

RSO Interview with Shan Marlette

René Michel

At the Virtual Water Cooler
A Security Reminder with a Twist(er)

Susan T. Masih and Marcum Martz

Contamination during a Brachytherapy Procedure

Curtis Caldwell, Raxa Sankreacha, A.W. Lightstone, Peter O'Brien, and Cindy Matheson

Beta Radiation Shielding with Lead and Plastic: Effect on Bremsstrahlung Radiation when Switching the Shielding Order
Wesley R. Van Pelt and Michael Drzyzga

Assessment of Potassium Iodide (KI) Distribution Program among Communities within the Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ) of Two Nuclear Power Plants
James Blando, Corey Robertson, Katina Pearl, Carline Dixon, Martin Valcin, and Eddy Bresnitz

Optimization of Radioactive Waste Storage
José Claudio Dellamano and Gian-Maria A.A. Sordi

Design and Simulation of a Neutron Facility
Matthew T. Studenski and Kimberlee J. Kearfott

Radiation Safety Protocol for High Dose 131I Therapy of Thyroid Carcinoma in Patients on Hemodialysis for Chronic Renal Failure
Homayoun Modarresifar, Samuel Almodovar, William B. Bass, and Buddhiwardhan Ojha

Evaluation of Two Commercially Available Portal Monitors for Emergency Response
Gary H. Kramer, Kevin Capello, and Barry M. Hauck

A Prediction of Accelerator-Produced Activation Products
Todd Culp

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