Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 91, No. 5, November 2006
A proposed NRC rule expanding the definition of "byproduct material" to include certain radium sources might make aircraft instruments like those in this MiG-21 fighter plane subject to licensing. See article by Robert J. Barish on page S74 for more information. Photo courtesy of John Smith.

Contents of Vol. 91, No. 5, November 2006

Current Events
Sean M. Austin

RSO Interview with Jack Topper

René Michel

At the Virtual Water Cooler
Because You Don't Have Enough to Do Already

Marcum Martz and Susan T. Masih

Effect of Geotropism on Instrument Readings

Jim Rolph

An Investigation of Voxel Geometries for MCNP-based Radiation Dose Calculations
Juying Zhang, Bryan Bednarz, and X. George Xu

A Security Vulnerabilities Assessment Tool for Interim Storage Facilities of Low-Level Radioactive Wastes
J. Bible, R.J. Emery, T. Williams, and S. Wang

Radiation Protection at an Aviation Museum
Robert J. Barish

Lessons Learned in Responding to and Recovering from a Fire Incident
Wei-Hsung Wang, Kenneth L. Matthews II, and L. Max Scott

Balloon Brachytherapy for Brain Tumor—Radiation Safety Experiences at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Venkata K. Lanka

Resolution of Radio Frequency Exposure Concerns at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with a Collaborative Approach
Ronald H. Reif

Other Content

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