Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 90, No. 5, May 2006
Confocal micrographic image of Bacillus anthracis. Cell walls appear green, while the spores appear red. Responsibilities for the safety and security of these types of select agents often fall to an organization's health physicist. See article by T.P. Johnston beginning on page S56 for more information. (Photograph courtesy of the CDC, Dr. Sherif Zaki, Dr. Kathi Tatti, and Elizabeth White.)

Contents of Vol. 90, No. 5, May 2006

Current Events
Sean M. Austin

RSO Interview
RSO Interview with Marcum Martz

René Michel

At the Virtual Water Cooler
The Story behind the Story, or There's Lemonade in the Water Cooler Today

Ken Miller, Susan T. Masih, Marcum Martz, and P. Andrew Karam


ATE Evolution: Becoming Your Resource
Kelly Classic, Fred Baes, and Genevieve Roessler

A Primer on the Requirements for Select Agents and Toxins Used in Biomedical and Agricultural Research Applications
T.P. Johnston

An Analysis of 20 Years of Radiation-Related Health Care Complaints in Texas for the Purposes of Quality Improvement
P.J. Thommen and R.J. Emery

A Review of Educational Philosophies as Applied to Radiation Safety Training at Medical Institutions
Lawrence T. Dauer and Jean St. Germain

Simulating Gaseous 131I Distribution in a Silver Zeolite Cartridge Using Sodium Iodide Solution
Wei-Hsung Wang and Kenneth L. Matthews II

Neutron-Based Sterilization of Anthrax Contamination
Bin Liu and Qingfei Wang

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