Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 88, No. 2, February 2005
Radiation exposure to a developing fetus is a concern that often often requires radiation measurements and/or calculations. For information on fetal doses from CT scanning, see article by Dietrich, et al, "Determination of Potential Uterine (Conceptus) Doses from Axial and Helical CT Scans," on page S10 in this issue.

Contents of Vol. 88, No. 2, February 2005

Upcoming Event — Sean Austin

Ask the Expert — Kelly Classic

At the Virtual Watercooler — Susan T. Masih, Marcum Martz, and P. Andrew Karam

A Guide to SI Units in Radiation Protection

Determination of Potential Uterine (Conceptus) Doses from Axial and Helical CT Scans — M.F. Dietrich, K.L. Miller, and S.H. King

A Bioassay Program for Biomedical Research Programs — J. P. Ring and F. Osborne

A Study of the Personal Radiation Dose Received by Nuclear Medicine Technologists Working in a Dedicated PET Center — C.N. Robinson, J.G. Young, A.B. Wallace, and U.J. Ibbetson

Lessons Learned in Dealing with Self Luminous EXIT Signs — M.E. Linsley

A Simple Approach to Industrial Laser Safety — M.A. Lewandowski, M.W. Hinz

Dose Mapping Using MCNP5 Mesh Tallies — J. Leone, M. Furler, M. Oakley, P. Caracappa, X. G. Xu

Evaluation of Lead Equivalence of Patient and Hardware Materials in Medical Diagnostic X-ray Shielding — A.A. Okunade

Comparative Study of the Influence of Anode and Filter Materials on Primary Shielding Requirements for Mammography — A.A. Okunade