Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 87, No. 2, August 2004
Health physicists play an important role in managing medical radiation emergency cases. For further information, see article by Miller and Erdman, "Health Physics Considerations in Medical Radiation Emergencies" page S19 in this issue.

Contents of Vol. 87, No. 2, August 2004

Guest Editorial — Exporting Radioactive Sources: Do It Right — Joel. O. Lubenau

Commentary — Raymond H. Johnson, Jr.

Current Events — Sean Austin

Ask the Expert — Kelly Classic

At the Virtual Watercooler — Susan T. Masih

RSO Interview — Joel Baumbaugh

A Guide to SI Units in Radiation Protection

Operational Topics

Health Physics Considerations in Medical Radiation Emergencies — Ken Miller and Mike Erdman

Radiological Characterization of the Pressure Vessel Internals of the BNL High-Flux Beam Reactor — Norman E. Holden, Richard N. Reciniello and Jih-Peng Hu

Nonionizing Radiation Safety Program Management - One Corporation's Approach — Michael A. Lewandowski, Michael W. Hinz and Frederick B. Entwistle

Safety Conditions for Irradiation, Transporting and Melting of Sintered TeO2, During 131I Industrial Production — J. Alanis, A. Segovia and M. Navarette

Recent Experiences with Shielding a PET/CT Facility — Mike Erdman, Steve King and Ken Miller