Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 86, No. 5, May 2004
Lung ventilation studies with aerosolized 99mTc-labeled DTPA can lead to airborne contamination in the nuclear imaging room. See article by Achey, et al, pages S85 to S87 for complete details.

Contents of Vol. 86, No. 5, May 2004

Editorial — Editorial Musings — Ken Miller

Current Events — Sean Austin

Ask the Expert — Kelly Classic

At the Virtual Watercooler — Susan T. Masih

RSO Interview — Len Porter

A Guide to SI Units in Radiation Protection

Operational Topics

A Fluoroscopy Credentialing/Safety Program at a Large Research Hospital — Frank P. Castronovo

Evolution of a Radiation Safety Audit Program for a Research Institution — David Gillette, Philip Campbell and Bruce Busby

Potential Dose to Nuclear Medicine Technologists from 99mTc-DTPA Aerosol Lung Studies — Bryan Achey, Ken Miller, Mike Erdman and Steve King

Measurement of HVL on Fluoroscopy Units — Laura Finney

Decommissioning Activities for NPP A-1 in the Slovak Republic — Kristina Kristofova, Ivan Rehak, Marek Vasko, Vladimir Daniska

Health Physics Aspects of Neutron Activated Components in a Linear Accelerator — Shuntong Guo and Paul L. Ziemer

Optimization of the Thermal Neutron Beam for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy at the Brookhaven Medical Research Reactor — Jih-Perng Hu, Richard N. Reciniello and Norman E. Holden

Radiation Dosimetry of a Graphite Moderated Beryllium Source — Norman E. Holden, Richard N. Reciniello and Jih-Perng Hu

A Simplified Method to Create Quantitative, 'Fixed' Uranyl-contaminated Metal Coupons — Catherine K. McKeown and Brian H. David

Preventing Improper Disposal of Healthcare Facility Waste Containing RAM — René Michel and Michael J. Zorn

Radiation Safety Considerations in GliaSite® I-125 Brain Implant Procedures — J.Strzelczyk and R. Safadi