Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 85, No. 5, November 2003
Radiological Control Technician Ben Yturralde conducting an operability check on a continuous air monitor in the WIPP underground. (Photo courtesy of Alan Rostro.)

Contents of Vol. 85, No. 5, November 2003

Editorial — Ken Miller

Current Events — Sean M. Austin

Ask the Expert — Kelly Classic

RSO Interview — Gerald Feldman

A Guide to SI Units in Radiation Protection

Operational Topics

Neutron Production Associated with Radiotherapy Linear Accelerators using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Mode — Edward J. Waller

Radiation Safety Compliance Issues at Affiliated Institutions — Rene Michel and Michael J. Zorn

False CAM Alarms from Radon Fluctuations — Robert Hayes

Security of Radioactive Material at Academic Institutions — Donald V. Farley, Robert D. Normandin, Marcum D. Martz and Susan M. Langhorst

A Radiation Protection Program Prospectus Based on the Collection of 10 Years of Key Performance Indicator Data — Robert J. Emery and J. R. McCrary

Los Alamos National Laboratory's x-ray Safety Program — S. K. Velarde, E. F. Shores, and D.W. Lee

Validation of the Integrity of a HEPA Filter System — Wei-Hsung Wang