Operational Radiation Safety

Operational Radiation Safety, Vol. 84, No. 6, June 2003
Mr. Tim Vitkus (ORISE) performs independent verification scans on the interior surface of the Containment Building at the Trojan Nuclear Power Plan. One human factor at play - Tim is performing this scan at a height of 90 feet. Refer to "Scan MDCs for Multiple Radionuclides in Class 1 Areas" for technical details on scanning.

Contents of Vol. 84, No. 6, June 2003


Applications of MARSSIM — Eric W. Abelquist

RSO Interview

Bobby Wilson

Operational Topics

Application of MARSSIM at the Big Rock Point Restoration Project — Leon E. Brown and David W. Parish

MARSSIM versus DOE Order 5400.5 - The Final Status Survey Plan at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site — Sarah J. Roberts and Jeff Stevens

Adapting MARSSIM for FUSRAP Site Closure — Robert Johnson, L. Durham, C. Rieman and R. Hoover

New Jersey and MARSSIM: Perfect Together (Well, Almost) — Jennifer Goodman

MARSSIM Recommended in States' Guidance Document for Decommissioning — Debra McBaugh

MARSSIM-Based Graded Approach for Posting and Controlling Areas Containing Matrixed Contamination in Soil — Joel D. Arana

An Approach Towards Minimization of Sample Analysis Costs for Mixed Radionuclides Using MARSSIM for a Final Status Survey — A. Joseph Nardi and Wayne D. Vogel

A Guided Tour of COMPASS — Timothy J. Bauer, Wade C. Adams, and Teresa L. Brown

Technical Considerations for Using In Situ Gamma Spectroscopy in Conducting Final Status Surveys — Jean-Claude Dehmel and Stewart Schneider

Scan MDCs for Multiple Radionuclides in Class 1 Areas — Eric W. Abelquist

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