May 2000 Operational Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety, Vol. 78, No. 5, Mayt 2000 On the cover: Radiation safety personnel are very important when it comes to institutional disaster planning. See article by Classic et al. on page S35 for more information

Contents of Vol. 78, No. 5, May 2000


Radiation Safety Role in Institutional Disaster Planning — Kelly L. Classic, Alan H. Knutson and Gregory D. Smith

Estimating the Administrative Cost of Regulatory Noncompliance: A Pilot Method for Quantifying the Value of Preventio — Robert J. Emery, M. A. Charlton and J. L. Mathis

Ultraviolet Light Hazards from Transilluminators — Robert C. Klein

Steam Generator Hand Hole Shielding — William E. Cox

Elements of a Portable Radiation Detector Calibration Program — Mitchell D. Lanahan

Apparent High Tritium Intake by a Radiation Worker at the University of Rochester — P. Andrew Karama

Managing a Sound Portable Gauge Radiation Safety Program — Rene Michel, T. L. Zimmerman and K. C. Kerns

The Pennsylvania Computerized Tomography Study — John P. Winston and Dennis L. Angelo


Kelly L. Classic


NucSafe LLC


Amir Huda

Rene Michel