November 1999 Operational Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety, Vol. 77, No. 5, November 1999 On the cover: Audits are an important tool for evaluating the effectiveness of the radiation safety practices in individual radioisotope laboratories. See articles by Elliot and by Miller and Erdman in this issue.

Contents of Vol. 77, No. 5, November 1999


Developing a Paper for Operational Radiation Safety — Kenneth L. Miller and R. Michel


Radiation Safety Audits — R. L. Elliot

Radioisotope Laboratory Audits — K. L. Miller and M. C. Erdman

The First Year as a Neophyte RSO at a Liberal Arts College — J. R. Sowa

Detection of Radon Decay Products in Rain Water — S. I. Baker

Lessons Learned in Decommissioning Medical Facilities — V. Evdokimoff

Basic Radiation Protection Considerations in Dental Practice — R. Michel and T. L. Zimmerman

Reflections on the Benefits of Participating in ACURI — N. W. Henry

Protocols for Implementing DOE Authorized Release of Radioactive Scrap Metals — S. Y. Chen, J. Arnish, S. Kamboj, and L. A. Nieves

The LANL Model 8823 Whole-Body TLD and Associated Dose Algorithm — J. M. Hoffman and M. J. Mallett

Extension of Fong and Alvarez: When is a Lower Limit of Detection Low Enough? — W. E. Potter

Confidence Intervals for Low-Level Paired Counting — W. E. Potter

Improved Derivation of Results of D. E. Allen: Two-count Method for Stripping Short-lived Activity Out of an Air Sample — W. E. Potter


S. Y. Chen