Health Physics Society Journal

May 2007, Volume 92, Number 5

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 92, No. 5, May 2007
A fully stocked bomb shelter, c.a. 1957. See article by H. Keith Florig and Baruch Fischhoff on page 475 for more information. Photograph courtesy of the National Archives.


Radon Awareness and Mitigation in Vermont: A Public Health Survey — E. P. Riesenfeld, Theodore W. Marcy, Kyndaron Reinier, Joan A. Mongeon, Craig W. Trumbo, Brian E. Wemple, and David A. Kaminsky

Occurrence and Distribution of 210Pb and 210Po in Selected California Groundwater Wells — S. R. Ruberu, Yun-Gang Liu, and S. Kusum Perera

Exposure of the Swiss Population by Radiodiagnostics: 2003 Review — A. Aroua, Ph. Trueb, J.-P. Vader, J.-F. Valley and F. R. Verdun

Assessment of the Multimedia Mitigation of Radon in New York — Michael E. Kitto

Tenth Value Layers for 60Co Gamma Rays and for 4, 6, 10, 15, and 18 MV X Rays in Concrete for Beams of Cone Angles between 0° and 14° Calculated by Monte Carlo Simulation — Adnan K. Jaradat and Peter J. Biggs

Incorporation and Distribution of Uranium in Rats after a Contamination on Intact or Wounded Skin — F. Petitot, S. Frelon, A. M. Moreels, M. Claraz, O. Delissen, E. Tourlonias, B. Dhieux, C. Maubert, and F. Paquet

Individuals' Decisions Affecting Radiation Exposure after a Nuclear Explosion — H. Keith Florig and Baruch Fischhoff


Seasonality of 214Bi Activity in the Human Body and of 222Rn Concentration in Home Ambient Air — Berislav MomciloviÇ and Glenn I. Lykken


Reliability of Using 238U/235U and 234U/238U Ratios from Alpha Spectrometry as Qualitative Indicators of Enriched Uranium Contamination — Mark Minteer, Paul Winkler, Bill Wyatt, Scott Moreland, Jamie Johnson, and Tim Winters



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