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Contents of April 2007, Volume 92, Number 4

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 92, No. 4, April 2007
125I accumulation in the bodies of five mice. See article by William T. Hammond et al. on page 396 for more information.


A Model and Reference Data for Retrospective Dose Assessment of Organ Doses (Red Bone Marrow, Lymphatic System) in Diagnostic Radiography and Nuclear Medicine, 1946-1995 — H. von Boetticher and W. Hoffmann

Assessment of Intakes and Doses to Workers Followed for 15 Years after Accidental Inhalation of 60Co — K. Davis, J.W. Marsh, M. Gerondal, M.R. Bailey, and B. Le Guen

Catch-Up of Delayed Tooth Eruption Associated with Uranium Intoxication — M.M. Pujadas Bigi and A.M. Ubios

Cytogenetic Observations in Human Peripheral Blood Leukocytes Following In Vitro Exposure to THz Radiation: A Pilot Study — O. Zeni, G.P. Gallerano, A. Perrotta, M. Romanò, A. Sannino, M. Sarti, M. D'Arienzo, A. Doria, E. Giovenale, A. Lai, G. Messina, and M.R. Scarfì

Spatial Variation of Waterborne Radon and Temporal Variation of Radon in Water at Nine Maine Schools — V.E. Guiseppe, T.J. Gould, and C.T. Hess

Atomic Bomb Induced 152Eu: Reconciliation of Discrepancy between Measurements and Calculation — K. Komura, M. Hoshi, S. Endo, T. Imanaka, S.D. Egbert, W. Rühm, H. Fukushima, and S. Fujita

Lung Cancer Risk: Exposure to Radon and Smoking in a Case-Control Study of French Uranium Miner — Klervi Leuraud, Solenne Billon, Dominique Bergot, Margot Tirmarche, Sylvaine Caër, Benoît Quesne, and Dominique Laurier

Analysis of Tenth-Value-Layers for Common Shielding Materials for a Robotically Mounted Stereotactic Radiosurgery Machine — James E. Rodgers

Measurement of the Leakage Radiation from Linear Accelerators in the Backward Direction for 4, 6, 10, 15, and 18 MV X-Ray Energies — Adnan K. Jaradat and Peter J. Biggs

A Gamma Camera Re-Evaluation of Potassium Iodide Blocking Efficiency in Mice — William T. Hammond, Eric L. Bradley, Robert E. Welsh, Jianguo Qian, Andrew G. Weisenberger, Mark F. Smith, Stan Majewski, and Margaret S. Saha


Radionuclide Concentrations in Food and the Environment — Reviewed by Isabel M. Fisenne

Commissioning and Quality Assurance of Computerized Planning Systems for Radiation Treatment of Cancer — Reviewed by Timothy K. Johnson

Out of the Shadows: Contributions of Twentieth-Century Women to Physics — Reviewed by John W. Poston, Sr.

Advances in Medical Physics — Reviewed by Hoang T. Vu


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