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Contents of March 2007, Volume 92, Number 3

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 92, No. 3, March 2007
A bald eagle residing in the Aleutian Islands off the Alaskan Coast. See article by Joanna Burger et al. on page 265 for more information.


Corneal Endothelial Injury Thresholds for Exposures to 1.54μm Radiation — Russell L. McCally, Jennifer Bonney-Ray, Zenaida de la Cruz, and W. Richard Green

Development of a Portable System for Checking Radioactive Sources Using Long Wave Radio Frequency Identification — K. Mori, S. Deji, S. Ito, T. Saze, and K. Nishizawa

25-Y Study of Radionuclide Monitoring with Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomonitors — John Palms, Ruth Patrick, Danielle Kreeger, and Charles Harris

Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Power, and Confidence Limits in the Presence of Epistemic Uncertainty — Eduard Hofer

Investigation of Induced Radioactivity in the LINAC-ADONE Accelerator Complex for the Management of the Decommissioned Material — Juan Carlos Mora, Roberto Bedogni, Adolfo Esposito, and David Cancio

UVR Measurement of a UV Germicidal Lamp — Cheng-ping Chang, Hung-hsin Liu, Chiung-yu Peng, Jeng-yueh Shieh, and Cheng-hang Lan

Effect of Windows and Doors on the Gamma Shielding Factor for Typical Houses in Brazil — I.C.P. Salinas, C.C. Conti, and R.T. Lopes

The Effect of Moisture Content on Radon Diffusion through Soil: Assessment in Laboratory and Field Experiments — C. Papachristodoulou, K. Ioannides, and S. Spathis

Radionuclides in Marine Fishes and Birds from Amchitka and Kiska Islands in the Aleutians: Establishing a Baseline — Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld, David Kosson, Charles W. Powers, Barry Friedlander, Michael Stabin, Derek Favret, Stephen Jewett, Daniel Snigaroff, Ronald Snigaroff, Tim Stamm, James Weston, Christian Jeitner, and Conrad Volz

Radiofrequency Exposure from Wireless LANs Utilizing Wi-Fi Technology — Kenneth R. Foster


The StandFast Whole Body Counter: Efficiency as a Function of BOMAB Phantom Size and Energy Modeled by MCNP5 — Gary H. Kramer and Kevin Capello


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