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Contents of February 2007, Volume 92, Number 2

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 92, No. 2, February 2007
The Techa River circa 1998. The current exposure situation for the populations living along this river has been reassessed. See article by Mikhail I. Balonov et al. on page 134 for more information.


The Hanford Thyroid Disease Study: An Alternative View of the Findings — F. Owen Hoffman, A. James Ruttenber, A. Iulian Apostoaei, Raymond J. Carroll, and Sander Greenland

Extremity Dosimetry for Radiation Workers Handling Unsealed Radionuclides in Nuclear Medicine Departments in India — Pankaj Tandon, Meera Venkatesh, and B.C. Bhatt

Age Dependence of Natural Uranium and Thorium Concentrations in Bone — Dominic Larivière, Ana Paula Packer, Leonora Marro, Chunsheng Li, Jing Chen, and R. Jack Cornett

Factors Affecting Dose Estimates for Long-Term Performance Assessments: Case Study—Armagosa Valley — Dade W. Moeller, Michael T. Ryan, and Lin-Shen C. Sun

Assessment of Current Exposure of the Population Living in the Techa River Basin from Radioactive Releases of the Mayak Facility — Mikhail I. Balonov, Gennady Y. Bruk, Vladislav Y. Golikov, Anatoly N. Barkovsky, Eleonora M. Kravtsova, Olga S. Kravtosova, Akhat A. Mubasarov, Vladimir N. Shutov, Irena G. Travnikova, Brenda J. Howard, Justin Emrys Brown, and Per Strand

An Experimental Analysis of Some of the Factors Affecting Gross Alpha-Particle Activity with an Emphasis on 226Ra and Its Progeny — Michael F. Arndt and Lynn E. West

Radon and Lung Cancer Risk: An Extension of the Mortality Follow-Up of the Newfoundland Fluorspar Cohort — Paul J. Villeneuve, Howard I. Morrison, and Rachel Lane

The StandFast Whole Body Counter and the Sliced BOMAB Phantom: Efficiency as a Function of Number of Sources and Energy Modeled by MCNP5 — Gary H. Kramer and Kevin Capello


An Absorbed Dose Map of Bone Tissue Treated with a Radiopharmaceutical In Vivo — M.F. Desrosiers, P. Fattibene, and F. Le

Photon Extremity Absorbed Dose and Kerma Conversion Coefficients for Calibration Geometries — K.G. Veinot and N.E. Hertel


Applying Radiation Safety Standards in Radiotherapy — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz

Physics for Radiation Protection: A Handbook, 2nd Edition — Reviewed by Kamran Vaziri

Medical Health Physics — Reviewed by Hoang T. Vu


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