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Contents of January 2007, Volume 92, Number 1

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 92, No. 1, January 2007
The Susquehanna River and PPL Susquehanna's nuclear power plant. A 25-year study monitoring this area was undertaken. See article by Ruth Patrick et al. on page 1 for more information.


Twenty-Five-Year Study of Radionuclides in the Susquehanna River via Periphyton Biomonitors — Ruth Patrick, John Palms, Danielle Kreeger, and Charles Harris

Effects of pH on DU Intake and Removal by CBMIDA and EHBP — Satoshi Fukuda, Mizuyo Ikeda, Mariko Nakamura, Xueming Yan, and Yuyuan Xie

Wavelength Dependence of Ocular Damage Thresholds in the Near-IR to Far-IR Transition Region: Proposed Revisions to MPEs — Joseph A. Zuclich, David J. Lund, and Bruce E. Stuck

Generation of Calibrated Tungsten Target X-Ray Spectra: Modified TBC Model — Paulo R. Costa, Denise Y. Nersissian, Fernanda C. Salvador, Patrícia B. Rio, and Linda V.E. Caldas

Whole-Body Clearance Kinetics and External Dosimetry of 131I-3F8 Monoclonal Antibody for Radioimmunotherapy of Neuroblastoma — Lawrence T. Dauer, Jean St. Germain, Matthew J. Williamson, Pat Zanzonico, Shakeel Modak, Nai-Kong Cheung, and Chaitanya Divgi

A Generic-Tee-Plenum Mixing System for Application to Single Point Aerosol Sampling in Stacks and Ducts — Taewon Han, Dennis L. O'Neal, and Carlos A. Ortiz

The Effectiveness of Radon Remediation in Irish Schools — Hugh Synnott, Peter Anthony Colgan, Olwyn Hanley, and David Fenton

210Po and 210Pb Inhalation by Cigarette Smoking in Italy — Donatella Desideri, Maria Assunta Meli, Laura Feduzi, and Carla Roselli

Fitting Bioassay Data and Performing Uncertainty Analysis with BIOKMOD — Guillermo Sanchez


Concentration and Vertical Distribution of 137Cs in the Undisturbed Soil of Southwestern Nigeria — I.R. Ajayi, H.W. Fischer, A. Burak, A. Qwasmeh, and B. Tabot

Solutions to the Gaussian Cloud Approximation for Gamma Absorbed Dose — Thomas J. Overcamp


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