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Contents of December 2006, Volume 91, Number 6

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 91, No. 6, December 2006
The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) was established in 1947 by the United States to study the health effects of radiation in the survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (the top photo shows ABCC in Hiroshima in 1950). ABCC was reorganized into the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) in 1975 supported by the US and Japanese governments. Follow-up studies of atomic bomb survivors have been conducted for nearly 60 years to the present (bottom photo). See article by Frédéric Lagarde on page 608 for more information.


2006 Founders Award–L. Max Scott — Citation by Lorraine Day

2006 Elda E. Anderson Award–Scott Owen Schwahn — Citation by Lorraine Day

2006 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award–John Auxier — Citation by John Frazier

2006 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal–Ludwig Feinendegen — Citation by Raymond H. Johnson, Jr.

2006 Health Physics Society Fellow Members and Student Awards

2006 William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award–William C. Reinig — Citation by Shawn Googins

2006 National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists Arthur F. Humm, Jr., Award–John Molner — Citation by Eddie Benfield


Radiation Safety Implications of 131I Treatment in a Patient with Grave's Disease Undergoing Home Hemodialysis — J.B. Simpson and G.A. Godwin

Exposure to Magnetic Field Harmonics in the Vicinity of Indoor Distribution Substations — Tommi Keikko, Reino Seesvuori, and Seppo Valkealahti

Estimation of Health Risks Associated with Occupational Radiation Exposure: Addressing Measurement Error and Minimum Detectable Exposure Level — Xiaonan Xue, Mimi Y. Kim, and Roy E. Shore

Residential Magnetic Fields, Contact Voltage and Their Relationship: The Effects of Distribution Unbalance and Residential Proximity to a Transmission Line — Robert Kavet, Jeff P. Daigle, and Luciano E. Zaffanella

Understanding Estimation of Time and Age Effect-Modification of Radiation-Induced Cancer Risks among Atomic-Bomb Survivors — Frédéric Lagarde

222Rn Air Concentration and Radiation Exposure Levels in the Lantian Xishui Karst Cave of Shaanxi, China — Xinwei Lu and Xiaolan Zhang

A New Proposal for Monitoring Patients in Nuclear Medicine — J. Willegaignon, Maria I.C. Guimarães, Marcelo T. Sapienza, Michael G. Stabin, Luiz F. Malvestiti, Marília Marone, and Gian-Maria A.A. Sordi


ICNIRP Statement on Far Infrared Radiation Exposure — The International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection


F.M. Cummings—"A Useful Formula for the Calibration Laboratory" — Gordon Riel


Key Elements of Preparing Emergency Responders for Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism — Reviewed by Stephen V. Musolino

The Atomic Chef—and Other True Tales of Design, Error, and Human Technology — Reviewed by George J. Vargo


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