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Contents of November 2006, Volume 91, Number 5

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 91, No. 5, October 2006
The only commercial radioactive melting facility, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, recycles radioactively contaminated materials into products for restricted and beneficial reuse in the nuclear industry. See article by A. Johnson on page 494 for more information.

41st Annual Meeting of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements: Managing the Disposition of Low-Activity Radioactive Materials


The Lauriston S. Taylor Lectures in Radiation Protection and Measurements — Thomas S. Tenforde

Introduction of the 29th Lauriston S. Taylor Lecturer, John B. Little — R.J. Michael Fry

Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture: Nontargeted Effects of Radiation: Implications for Low Dose Exposures — John B. Little


Welcome to the Forty-First Annual NCRP Meeting — Thomas S. Tenforde


Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address: Contemporary Issues in Risk-Informed Decision Making on the Disposition of Radioactive Waste — B. John Garrick

Improving the Regulation and Management of Low-Activity Radioactive Wastes — David H. Leroy, Michael T. Ryan, and John R. Wiley

Risk-Informed Radioactive Waste Classification and Reclassification — Allen G. Croff

Managing the Disposition of Potentially Radioactive Scrap Metal — S.Y. Chen

International Standards Related to the Classification and Deregulation of Radioactive Waste — Gordon Linsley

The Spanish Protocol for Radiological Surveillance of Metal Recycling: A Collaboration of Government and Industry — Juan Pedro García Cadierno, J.I. Serrano Renedo, and E. Gil Lopez

An Industry Perspective on Commercial Radioactive Waste Disposal Conditions and Trends — Stephen A. Romano

Scrap Metals Industry Perspective on Radioactive Materials — Ray Turner

A Radioactive Metal Processing Industry Perspective Source — A. Johnson

Low-Activity Radioactive Materials Management at the U.S. Department of Energy — Frank Marcinowski and Douglas W. Tonkay

Political Life and Half-Life: The Future Formulation of Nuclear Waste Public Policy in the United States — David Leroy

An Analysis of Public-Interest Group Positions on Radiation Protection — H. Keith Florig

Policy Development from the Industry Perspective — William P. Dornsife

Improving Radioactive Waste Management: An Overview of the Environmental Protection Agency's Low-Activity Waste Effort — Daniel J. Schultheisz, Kenneth S. Czyscinski, and Adam D. Klinger

Current Status of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Efforts Controlling the Disposition of Solid Materials — Carl J. Paperiello

U.S. Department of Energy Policies, Directives, and Guidance for Radiological Control and Release of Property — A. Wallo, S. Domotor, and G. Vázquez

Role of State Regulatory Agencies in the Disposition of Low-Activity Radioactive Materials — Edgar D. Bailey

Rapporteur's Summary of Presentations at the 2005 NCRP Annual Meeting — John F. Ahearne


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