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Contents of October 2006, Volume 91, Number 4

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 91, No. 4, October 2006
The Olympics Games in Athens, Greece, in 2004. Extensive measures were required to ensure security during this international public event. See article by Vassiliki Kamenopoulou et al. on page 318 for more information.


Radiation Shielding Design of a New Tomotherapy Facility — Albert Zacarias, John Balog, and Michael Mills

Influence of Alpha and Gamma Radiations and Non-Radiation Risk Factors on the Incidence of Malignant Liver Tumors among Mayak PA Workers — Z.B. Tokarskaya, G.V. Zhuntova, B.R. Scott, V.F. Khokhryakov, Z.D. Belyaeva, E.K. Vasilenko, and V.A. Syrchikov

A Novel Technique for the Rapid Identification of Alpha Emitters Released During a Radiological Incident — George A. Dilbeck, Bud Taylor, Jerrold Leitch, Marina Silverstone, Brian Moore, and Patricia Honsa

Nuclear Security and Radiological Preparedness for the Olympic Games, Athens 2004: Lessons Learned for Organizing Major Public Events — Vassiliki Kamenopoulou, Panayiotis Dimitriou, Constantine J. Hourdakis, Antonios Maltezos, Theodore Matikas, Constantinos Potiriadis, and Leonidas Camarinopoulos

Effective Dose Scaling Factors for Use with Uranium Series Cascade Impactor Data: A Reassessment Using the IMBA Code — Kwang Pyo Kim, Chang-Yu Wu, Brian K. Birky, and Wesley E. Bolch

Comparison of Natural Background Dose Rates for Residents of the Amargosa Valley, NV, to Those in Leadville, CO, and the States of Colorado and Nevada — Dade W. Moeller and Lin-Shen C. Sun

A Laboratory Intercomparison of Radon in Water Measurements in Maine — V.E. Guiseppe, R. Stilwell, and C.T. Hess

Doppler Broadening Effect on Low-Energy Photon Dose Calculations Using MCNP5 and PENELOPE — Sung-Joon Ye, Roger Ove, and Shahid A. Naqvi


Sensitivity of Portable Personnel Portal Monitors: Potential Problems when Dealing with Contaminated Persons — Gary H. Kramer, Kevin Capello, Barry M. Hauck, and Jason T. Brown

The EPRI EDE Calculator—A Software Package for Assessing Effective Dose Equivalent from Hot Particles on the Skin — X. George Xu, H. Su, and Sean Bushart


Reconstruction of External Dose from Beta Radiation Sources of Nuclear Weapon Origin — Neil M. Barss and Ronald L. Weitz


Errors and Blunders in the Estimation of Radiation Exposure for the Uranium Miners of WISMUT in Germany — Gerd G. Eigenwillig

Response to Eigenwillig — Irene Brüske-Hohlfeld

Dosimetry for Members of the Extended Techa River Cohort — Lynn R. Anspaugh, Marina O. Degteva, Marina I. Vorobiova, Yuri G. Mokrov, and Bruce A. Napier

Understanding the Toxicity of Buried Radioactive Waste — Bernard L. Cohen


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