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Contents of July 2006, Volume 91, Number 1

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 91, No. 1, July 2006
Ocular aberrations, which increase with pupil size, cause imperfect retinal images and reduce retinal vulnerability to injury by lasers. The figures, calculated using measured aberration data, show representative images for small (S) and large (L) aberrations and different pupil diameters. See article by Philip Keith Milsom et al. on page 21 for more information.


A Commentary on Some Inconsistencies in the ICRP 2005 Recommendations: Exclusions Levels — Gary H. Kramer


Measurement of 129I and 137Cs in Soils from Belarus and Reconstruction of 131I Deposition from the Chernobyl Accident — T. Straume, L.R. Anspaugh, A.A. Marchetti, G. Voigt, V. Minenko, F. Gu, P. Men, S. Trofimik, S. Tretyakevich, V. Drozdovitch, E. Shagalova, O. Zhukova, M. Germenchuk, and S. Berlovich

The Effect of Ocular Aberrations on Retinal Laser Damage Thresholds in the Human Eye — Philip Keith Milsom, Stephen John Till, and George Rowlands

A Simple Gamma Ray Direction Finder — K. Fujimoto

Patient Radiation Exposure Measurements during Interventional Procedures: A Prospective Study — Efstathios P. Efstathopoulos, Elias N. Brountzos, Efthimia Alexopoulou, Stylianos Argentos, Dimitrios A. Kelekis, Panagiota D. Raptou, and Nikolaos L. Kelekis

Skin Entrance Radiation Dose in an Interventional Radiology Procedure — Robert Y.L. Chu, George Thomas, and Feroz Maqbool

Mixing in a Square and a Rectangular Duct Regarding Selection of Locations for Extractive Sampling of Gaseous Contaminants — Youngjin Seo, Andrew R. McFarland, Carlos A. Ortiz, and Dennis L. O'Neal

Influence of Particle Size Distribution on Inhalation Doses to Workers in the Florida Phosphate Industry — Kwang Pyo Kim, Chang-Yu Wu, Brian K. Birky, and Wesley E. Bolch

Relative Biological Effectiveness of 280 keV Neutrons for Apoptosis in Human Lymphocytes — L.A. Ryan, R.C. Wilkins, N.M. McFarlane, M.M. Sung, J.P. McNamee, and D.R. Boreham


Imaging Systems for Medical Diagnostics: Fundamentals, Technical Solutions and Applications for Systems Applying Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound — Reviewed by Anthony B. Wolbarst


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