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Contents of June 2006, Volume 90, Number 6

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 90, No. 6, June 2006
The final phase of decommissioning and storage of a 16-year-old cyclotron. See article by R. Calandrino et al. on page 588 for more information.


New Nuclear Options-The AP1000 — Ken Kasper


The Contemporary Materials Cycle for Radioactive 137Cs in the United States — T. Okumura and T.E. Graedel

Internal Dose Assessment of Natural Uranium from Drinking Water Based on Biokinetic Modeling and Individual Bioassay Monitoring: A Study of a Finnish Family — Wei Bo Li, Laina Salonen, Maarit Muikku, Wolfgang Wahl, Vera Höllriegl, Uwe Oeh, Paul Roth, and Tua Rahola

Bone Marrow Dose Estimates from Work-Related Medical X-Ray Examinations Given Between 1943 and 1966 for Personnel from Five U.S. Nuclear Facilities — Jeri L. Anderson and Robert D. Daniels

Indications of the Neutron Effect Contribution in the Solid Cancer Data of the A-Bomb Survivors — Albrecht M. Kellerer, Werner Rühm, and Linda Walsh

Changes in Optical Transmission Caused by Gamma Ray Induced Coloring in Photoluminescence Dosimeter — Hiroshi Yasuda, Michiko Takami, and Tatsuyo Ishidoya

Childhood Leukemia Incidence and Exposure to Indoor Radon, Terrestrial and Cosmic Gamma Radiation — Anne-Sophie Evrard, Denis Hémon, Solenne Billon, Dominique Laurier, Eric Jougla, Margot Tirmarche, and Jacqueline Clavel


Ancestry of Beagles in Lifespan Studies of Radionuclide Toxicity at the University of Utah — R.D. Lloyd, G.N. Taylor, S.C. Miller, F.W. Bruenger, and W.S.S. Jee

Radiation Doses to Patients from Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy — Panagiotis Sandilos, Ioannis Tsalafoutas, Georgios Koutsokalis, Pantelis Karaiskos, Evangelos Georgiou, Emanouil Yakoumakis, and Lampros Vlahos


Decommissioning Procedures for an 11 MeV Self-Shielded Medical Cyclotron after 16 Years of Working Time — R. Calandrino, A. del Vecchio, A. Savi, S. Todde, V. Griffoni, S. Brambilla, R. Parisi, G. Simone, and F. Fazio


Radiological Protection for Medical Exposure to Ionizing Radiation — Reviewed by Matthew Williamson



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