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Contents of April 2006, Volume 90, Number 4

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 90, No. 4, April 2006
Witness wires, plates, and disks are used along with several other techniques to characterize the aerosol generated explosively from simulated Radiological Dispersal Devices at Sandia National Laboratories. The right photo shows the initial stages of the explosive dispersal of simulated RDD material in one of Sandia's tests. See article by Stephen V. Musolino and Frederick T. Harper on page 377 for more information.


Modifying Effects of Health Status, Physiological, and Dosimetric Factors on Extrapulmonary Organ Distribution and Excretion of Inhaled Plutonium in Workers at the Mayak Production Associations — K.G. Suslova, V.F. Khokhryakov, Z.B. Tokarskaya, A.P. Nifatov, A.B. Sokolova, S.C. Miller, and M.P. Krahenbuhl

Individual Thyroid Dose Estimates for a Case-Control Study of Chernobyl-Related Thyroid Cancer among Children of Belarus-Part II. Contributions from Long-Lived Radionuclides and External Radiation — Victor F. Minenko, Alexander V. Ulanovsky, Vladimir V. Drozdovitch, Elena V. Shemiakina, Yuri I. Gavrilin, Valeri T. Khrouch, Sergei M. Shinkarev, Paul G. Voillequé, André Bouville, Lynn R. Anspaugh, and Nickolas Luckyanov

Almost Twenty Years' Search of Transuranium Isotopes in Effluents Discharged to Air from Nuclear Power Plants with VVER Reactors — Z. Hölgye and R. Filgas

Revisions to the ORNL Series of Adult and Pediatric Computational Phantoms for Use with the MIRD Schema — Eun Young Han, Wesley E. Bolch, and Keith F. Eckerman

Electromagnetic Interference with Infusion Pumps from GSM Mobile Phones — Giovanni Calcagnini, Matteo Floris, Federica Censi, Plinio Cianfanelli, Giovanni Scavino, and Pietro Bartolini

Radioactive Rock Phosphate: The Feed Stock of Phosphate Fertilizers Used in Pakistan — M. Tufail, Nasim Akhtar, and M. Waqas

Characterization of Local Egyptian Iron Ores for Use in Radiation Shielding Concrete — Abou Bakr Ramadan, Osama A. Hodhod, Mahmoud A.R. Youssef, and Salma A. Foud

Emergency Response Guidance for the First 48 Hours after the Outdoor Detonation of an Explosive Radiological Dispersal Device — Stephen V. Musolino and Frederick T. Harper


Performance of Electret Ionization Chambers in Magnetic Field — P. Kotrappa, L.R. Stieff, T.F. Mengers, and R.D. Shull


The Equations: Icons of Knowledge — Reviewed by Stephen V. Musolino

Pierre Simon Laplace, 1741-1827: A Determined Scientist — Reviewed by Kamran Vaziri


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