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Contents of January 2006, Volume 90, Number 1

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 90, No. 1, January 2006
A study of radioactive materials in sewage sludge evaluates possible doses to people from typical uses of the sludge, such as this application as fertilizer to farm fields. See article by A. B. Wolbarst et al. on page 16 for more information.


Plugging into Bush's Energy Policy — Ken Kasper


Validation of ICNIRP Estimates of Toxicity Thresholds for NIR (785 nm) Light in the Retinas of Pigmented Rabbits — Mark Borchert, James Lambert, and David Sliney

Dietary Iodine Intake in Residents of Northwestern Regions of Ukraine Contaminated by the Chernobyl Accident — Kunio Shiraishi, Susumu Ko, Sarata K. Sahoo, Yasuyuki Muramatsu, Ivan P. Los, Vitarly N. Korzun, Nikolay Y. Tsigankov, and Pavlo V. Zamostyan

Radioactive Materials in Biosolids: Dose Modeling — A. B. Wolbarst, W. A. Chiu, C. Yu, K. Aiello, J. T. Bachmaier, R. K. Bastian, J.-J. Cheng, J. Goodman, R. Hogan, A. R. Jones, S. Kamboj, T. Lenhartt, W. R. Ott, A. Rubin, S. N. Salomon, D. W. Schmidt, and L. W. Setlow

Long-Term Monitoring of Radioactivity in Surface Air and Deposition in New York State — Michael E. Kitto, Eileen M. Fielman, Greg M. Hartt, Elizabeth A. Gillen, Thomas M. Semkow, Pravin P. Parekh, and Abdul Bari

Thyroid Dose Measurements for Staff Involved in Modified Barium Swallow Exams — Donald McLean, Richard Smart, Lee Collins, and Jamie Varas

Prediction of Tritium Level in Agricultural Plants after Short Term Exposure to HTO Vapor and Its Comparison with Experimental Results — Dong-Kwon Keum, Han-Soo Lee, Hee-Seok Kang, In Jun, Young-Ho Choi, and Chang-Woo Lee

Calculation of Dose Coefficients for Radionuclides Produced in a Spallation Neutron Source Utilizing NUBASE and the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File Databases — J. Shanahan, K. Eckerman, A. Arndt, C. Gold, P. Patton, M. Rudin, R. Brey, T. Gesell, V. Rusetski, and S. Pagava


A 244Cm Irradiator for Protracted Exposure of Cultured Mammalian Cells with Alpha Particles — G. Esposito, M. Belli, G. Simone, E. Sorrentino, and M. A. Tabocchini


Quality Assurance Methods and Procedures Used to Verify Consistency in Calculating Dose Coefficients — A. Arndt, J. Shanahan, C. Gold, R. Brey, T. Gesell, P. Patton, M. Rudin, K. Eckerman, V. Rusetski, and S. Pagava


Environmental Law Handbook, 18th Edition — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan


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