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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 89, No. 6, December 2005
Tracer experiments were carried out to determine occupational internal dose of workers in a biomedical research facility. Photo shows a typical biomedical researcher whose occupational internal dose was determined. See article by Miki Shoji et al. on page 618 for more information.

Contents of December 2005, Volume 89, Number 6


2005 Founders Award-Charles Boyd Meinhold — Citation by Jean St. Germain

2005 Elda E. Anderson Award-Lawrence T. Dauer — Citation by Dennis M. Quinn and Theodore E. Rahon

2005 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award-Eric J. Hall — Citation by Lawrence T. Dauer

2005 Outstanding Science Teacher Award-Donna Armani — Citation by Robert May

2005 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal-John W. Poston, Sr. — Citation by David Fogle and Susan Jablonski

2005 Health Physics Society Fellow Members and Student Awards

2005 William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award-Dade W. Moeller — Citation by James Willison


A Case Study of the Estimation of Occupational Internal Dose Using Urinary Excretion Data Obtained in a Biomedical Research Facility — Miki Shoji, Takashi Kondo, Hiroshi Honoki, Tomoko Nakajima, Atsushi Muraguchi, and Masahiro Saito

The "AQUASCOPE" Simplified Model for Predicting 89,90Sr, 131I, and 134,137Cs in Surface Waters after a Large-Scale Radioactive Fallout — J.T. Smith, N.V. Belova, A.A. Bulgakov, R.N.J. Comans, A.V. Konoplev, A.V. Kudelsky, M.J. Madruga, O.V. Voitsekhovitch, and G. Zibold

Photon Dose Conversion Coefficients for Human Teeth in Standard Irradiation Geometries — A. Ulanovsky, A. Wieser, M. Zankl, and P. Jacob

Determination of Gross Alpha, 224Ra, 226Ra, and 228Ra Activities in Drinking Water Using a Single Sample Preparation Procedure — Bahman Parsa, Reynaldo N. Obed, William K. Nemeth, and Gail P. Suozzo

Occurrence of 224Ra, 226Ra, and 228Ra, Gross Alpha, and Uranium in California Groundwater — Shiyamalie R. Ruberu, Yun-Gang Liu, and S. Kusum Perera

Uranium Concentrations in South African Herbal Remedies — Vanessa Steenkamp, Michael J. Stewart, Luke Chimuka, and Ewa Cukrowsk


IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) Technical Information Statement "Exposure of Medical Personnel to Electromagnetic Fields from Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems" — H. Bassen, D.J. Schaefer, L. Zaremba, J. Bushberg, M. Ziskin, and K.R. Foster


More about Misconceptions by Charles Potter — Ray D. Lloyd

Response to Lloyd — C.A. Potter


Regulatory Control of Radiation Sources — Reviewed by Cynthia G. Jones

The Natural Environment VII — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz

High Levels of Natural Radiation and Radon Areas: Radiation Dose and Health Effects — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz


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