Health Physics Society Journal

Contents of November 2005, Volume 89, Number 5

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 89, No. 5, November 2005
Radiation health effects at various dose levels. See article by Abel J. González on page 418 for more information.


The Lauriston S. Taylor Lectures in Radiation Protection and Measurements — Thomas S. Tenforde

Introduction of the 28th Lauriston S. Taylor Lecturer: Abel J. González — Brian Dodd

Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture: Radiation Protection in the Aftermath of a Terrorist Attack Involving Exposure to Ionizing Radiation — Abel J. González


Welcome — Thomas S. Tenforde


Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address: Current Challenges in Countering Radiological Terrorism — John W. Poston, Sr.

Radiological Threat Assessment and the Federal Response Plan-A Gap Analysis — W. Craig Conklin and Philip L. Liotta

U.S. National Response Assets for Radiological Incidents — Alan L. Remick, John L. Crapo, and Charles R. Woodruff

Advances in Radiation Protection Technologies for Responders — Michael P. Unterwerger and Leticia S. Pibida

Medical Resources and Requirements for Responding to Radiological Terrorism — Fred A. Mettler, Jr.

Early-Response Biological Dosimetry-Recommended Countermeasure Enhancements for Mass-Casualty Radiological Incidents and Terrorism — William F. Blakely, Charles A. Salter, and Pataje G. S. Prasanna

Medical Management of Radiological Casualties — Ronald E. Goans and Jamie K. Waselenko

Hospital Management of Mass Radiological Casualties: Reassessing Exposures from Contaminated Victims of an Exploded Radiological Dispersal Device — James M. Smith, Armin Ansari, and Frederick T. Harper

Addressing the Psychosocial and Communication Challenges Posed by Radiological/Nuclear Terrorism: Key Developments since NCRP Report No. 138 — Steven M. Becker

Radiation Protectants: Current Status and Future Prospects — Thomas M. Seed

Defining the Full Therapeutic Potential of Recombinant Growth Factors in the Post Radiation-Accident Environment: The Effect of Supportive Care Plus Administration of G-CSF — Thomas J. MacVittie, Ann M. Farese, and William Jackson, III

International Efforts in Countering Radiological Terrorism — Brian Dodd

Chernobyl and Goiânia Lessons for Responding to Radiological Terrorism — Friedrich Steinhausler

Proposed Framework for Cleanup and Site Restoration Following a Terrorist Incident Involving Radioactive Material — W. Craig Conklin

Practical and Scientifically-Based Approaches for Cleanup and Site Restoration — John E. Till and Debra McBaugh


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