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Contents of October 2005, Volume 89, Number 4

Health Physics Journal, Vol. 89, No. 4, October 2005
View of the main control room of the CERNAVODA nuclear power plant in Romania. A survey was conducted on public perception of the risk of radiation. See article by Laurentiu Teodor Mihai on page 375 for more information.


Nuclear Power 2010 — Ken Kasper


Locating Tritium Sources in a Research Reactor Building — Masami Fukui

Measurement of the 234U/238U Ratio by MC-ICPMS in Drinking Water, Hair, Nails, and Urine as an Indicator of Uranium Exposure Source — Z. Karpas, A. Lorber, H. Sela, O. Paz-Tal, Y. Hagag, P. Kurttio, and L. Salonen

Re-Evaluation of the Ultraviolet Hazard Action Spectrum-The Impact of Spectral Bandwidth — Erin K. Chaney and David H. Sliney

Statistical Criteria to Establish Bioassay Programs — Jesus Lopez-Fidalgo and Guillermo Sanchez

Final Results of the Austrian Radon Project — Harry Friedmann

Impacts of Stable Element Intake on 14C and 129I Dose Estimates — Dade W. Moeller, Michael T. Ryan, Lin-Shen C. Sun, and Robert N. Cherry, Jr.

Understanding the Toxicity of Buried Radioactive Waste and Its Impacts — Bernard L. Cohen

Effective Dose Scaling Factors for Use with Cascade Impactor Sampling Data in TENORM Inhalation Exposures — Kwang Pyo Kim, Chang-Yu Wu, Brian K. Birky, and Wesley E. Bolch

Ionizing Radiation-Understanding and Acceptance — Laurentiu Teodor Mihai, Constantin Milu, Bogdan Voicu, and Dan Enachescu


The Human Monitoring Laboratory's New Lung Counter: Calibration and Comparison with the Previous System and the Cameco Corporation's Lung Counter — Gary H. Kramer and Barry M. Hauck


Comments on Two Papers — Rick Whitman

Response to Whitman — Snezana Milacic

Response to Whitman — Robert Brent

Antepartum Dental Radiography and Infant Low Birth Weight — Robert E. Reiman

Response to Brent — Phillipe P. Hujoel, Anne-Marie Bollen, and Carolyn J. Noonan


Public Protection from Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism — Reviewed by Eric Wagner

Occupational Radiation Protection in the Mining and Processing of Raw Materials — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz


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