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Health Physics Journal, Vol. 89, No. 1, July 2005
Decommissioning Hot Cell #4 of the Quehanna Hot Cell Complex. See article by Ken Kasper on page 1 for more information.

Contents of July 2005, Volume 89, Number 1


Too Hot to Handle — Ken Kasper


Radiation Effectiveness Factors for Use in Calculating Probability of Causation of Radiogenic Cancers — D. C. Kocher, A. I. Apostoaei, and F. O. Hoffman

Uncertainties Analysis of Doses Resulting from Chronic Inhalation of Plutonium at the Mayak Production Association — M. P. Krahenbuhl, J. D. Bess, J. L. Wilde, V. V. Vostrotin, K. G. Suslova, V. F. Khokhryakov, D. M. Slaughter, and S. C. Miller

An Analysis of Variables Influencing the Number of Radiation Overexposure Events in Texas from 1970 to 2000 — R. J. Emery, F. Valizadeh, V. Kennedy, and A. J. Shelton

The Effective Dose Equivalent and Effective Dose for Hot Particles on the Skin — X. George Xu

An Analysis of Differences in the Low-Frequency Electric and Magnetic Field Exposure Standards of ICES and ICNIRP — J. Patrick Reilly

Toxicity of Uranium and the Removal Effects of CBMIDA and EHBP in Simulated Wounds of Rats — Satoshi Fukuda, Haruzo Iida, Mizuyo Ikeda, Xueming Yan, and Yuyuan Xie

A Survey of IAEA/WHO 60Co TLD Postal Dose Intercomparison Exercises during 1985-2003 — Ahmad Syed Salman, Khalid Mahmood, and Saraj Din Orfi


Calcium Iodate-Another Effective Blocker of Radioiodine Uptake by the Thyroid Gland — D. N. Pahuja, V. S. Jagtap, V. R. Sonawane, M. G. R. Rajan, and A. M. Samuel


Release of Patients after Therapy with Unsealed Radionuclides — Reviewed by Kelly Classic

Clinical MR Neuroimaging: Diffusion, Perfusion and Spectroscopy — Reviewed by Dardo Tomasi


In Memoriam-John Seth Laughlin — Jean St. Germain


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